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♥ Monday, June 15, 2015 ♥
written Back after the exams! ;) at 12:41 AM
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I'm back!

After the torturous period of exams. Thank god for friends. Delphine and SS mugged through the rough times with me. We camped in the library most of the periods and waited for each other after papers wherever possible. After all our papers we had a mini celebration by gathering for steamboat. All 3 of us are hoping for the best this August :)

Back to the main reason why I'm here to rant and the relevance of the picture above. 

Kind of stuck on how to start on this. But... I'm just feeling upset on my friends' view of attending weddings. My personal point of view, I actually feel happy when attending weddings, even if I'm seated with strangers during the wedding or the fact that im required to give a "token" (ykwim). I will feel happy, happy that my friend had found someone who can give them happiness and witnessing them walking to their next stage of life.

Apparently, my friends don't feel this way. From what i understood, they don't really like to attend weddings, mainly because they might be seated with strangers.  

And well, maybe I'm overthinking but this leads to me feeling upset because what if one day it was my wedding instead? Should I invite them or not? Before all these thoughts, I would have said "OF COURSE I WOULD. (with no hesitations, if you are wondering ) They are my close friends and I want them to celebrate my happiness with me!"

But now, I would feel that by inviting them and if they are really seated with strangers, wont it mean that I'm putting them in difficult situations they wouldn't want to encounter? I can't pass cos i would feel guilty making them feel uncomfortable all because of MY arrangements.

This has been bothering me the past week. And i have no answers to them. And i guess these stupid thoughts would accompany me (get lost!!) till the day I hold my wedding ceremony. Anyway,  don't be mistaken that I'm holding it soon. It's just that I'm making my life a tad more miserable by thinking of these when there are no signs of settling down yet.

Hopefully my friends are a little more mature (?) or would have changed their thoughts by then. 

If you are already going through this or have gone through this, please share with me what you have done or is planning to do. Tag board is on the left, do share your thoughts!

♥ Sunday, March 29, 2015 ♥
written :( at 3:39 PM
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Today is the day that most Singaporeans dread the most, the funeral of our beloved nation father.

It rained heavily this afternoon, where his body was moved from the Parliament House to the UCC. 

Everyone waited patiently. No one, the soldiers, the residents who lined places where his casket will passby, beared grudges for the long wait or getting drenched in the rain. They're nothing when compared to the long hours of queue to pay respects to him at the Parliament House and both are nothing as compared to the time he took to build and shape Singapore. Everyone would agree.

Dear Mr Lee KY
Please bless your family with strength they need. They have worked very hard this week, especially our Prime Minister.

Many people will miss you.

Please rest in peace...

♥ Monday, March 23, 2015 ♥
written Remembering Mr Lee Kuan Yew at 2:33 PM
; picture.credits.here

Today is a sad day for most us - Singaporeans. (Reason why I did not use the word 'all' is because I feel that some people just do not know how to appreciate the things that are done for them)

We all lost someone close to our hearts.

I am not someone who is very active on politics but I am someone whom appreciates what have been done for me.

I am not someone who speaks type or write in beautiful languages but I am someone who does know how to express myself using simple words.

I have no love or hate relationship with this great man who have built Singapore with his big heart and his life.

l just wanna say,

Thank you Mr Lee KY, for all that you have done for us.
You have worked hard and deserve the long rest you have may or may not have chosen to end your sufferings due to your deteriorating health.
As much as many people will be missing you and we're sad to hear the news of your passing,, please rest in peace. ❤

Signing off,
I am proud to be a Singaporean, and will always be one.

♥ Saturday, January 24, 2015 ♥
written Schools are not suppose to happen on a Sunday morning! at 10:45 PM
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/emo /headdesk /fliptable

Still can't get over the fact. 

But thank god le bf bought my bfast for me tomorrow already /love. 
Makes me feel better than having no breakfast!

♥ Saturday, January 17, 2015 ♥
written Happy 2015! at 5:44 PM
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 HAPPY 2015!

It's a brand new year! ^_^

Yes I still blog, and I had the urge to create a new one too! But I gave up after reaching the place where you type in new codes to make a blogskin. /emo

Guys, it's a brand new year, what are your wishes, your hopes, your dreams and your targets for this year?

Well, I have no new year resolutions because:
1) They are never being tracked.
2) I don't go with the crowd.  
so sometimes I get excited about something way after the excitement of everybody has died down. BUT, I dont care. hahahaha.

But I do have a targets I want to achieve. 
One of it in which I quitted my job for it and is working towards it. :)

They are:
1) Get satisfactory grades.
You may think, what is satisfactory? Satisfactory to me, it is something that can make me happy. It does not have to be 100 marks. Depending on the module, I set grades.

2) Get a job during my long school vacation!
Living without an income is extremely hard. :( If you are my close friend, you would have known that I don't like to spend on unnecessary stuff. By quitting my job, I have been staying at home most of the days. I don't even have my meals in school unless necessary. Spending  $3.50 on economic rice (which is not economical at all) in school can make me go mad. Extremely mad. 

It's a long ranting post..
But at least I feel better. ^_^

Anyway, I just wanna make my point;
It's a brand new year. Every year makes you stronger.
What's most important is happiness. 
Being contented makes you feel happier.

Don't believe? 
Try it this year and let me know how you felt! :)

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